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5 min readOct 5, 2023

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Introduction/Key Takeaways:

To get started with Seamless Protocol, users just need to connect their wallet, supply assets as collateral, and then open a borrowing position.

By supplying cbETH, USDbC, or ETH as collateral, users can borrow up to 77% of their collateral value (LTV) on Seamless Protocol.

Borrowers on Seamless Protocol can earn OG Points. Need a refresher on OG Points? Check out this post: LINK. Reminder, you can also earn OG Points by staking!

Ready to start borrowing on Seamless? Follow along with the screenshots below! 😎

Unanswered questions? Checkout the basic FAQs at the bottom of the article.

A quick step-by-step guide 👇:

  1. Connect your wallet to Seamless Protocol.

*Note: Seamless Protocol is built on the Base network. Please ensure your wallet is connected to Base network when connecting to Seamless — If you do not have the Base network added to your wallet you can do so here.

You will now see your assets in the ‘Assets to supply’ section of the app. Currently users can supply cbETH, ETH, and USDbC on Seamless however more assets will soon be listed 👀.

*Join Seamless’ Telegram group and let the community know which assets you’d like to see listed!

2. Click ‘Supply’ and add your desired amount via the modal pop up. Confirm and approve the transaction in your wallet.

Now you will see your supplied assets in the ‘Your supplies’ section of the dashboard.

Your supplied assets act as collateral allowing you to borrow additional assets on the platform. The ‘Assets to borrow’ section will appear on your dashboard once you’ve supplied liquidity to Seamless Protocol.

3. Click the ‘Borrow’ button and select the amount you’d like to borrow. You can borrow either cbETH, USDbC, or ETH, regardless of your collateral asset.

By borrowing assets, you are responsible for repaying both the principal and the variable interest rate associated with your loan. The variable interest rate for each asset is shown in-line within the app.

To learn more details about LTV, Liquidation Thresholds, and stats on other borrows within Seamless Protocol, you can also hit the ‘Details’ button from within the ‘Assets to borrow’ section.

The Maximum LTV ratio represents the maximum borrowing power of a specific collateral. For example, if a collateral has an LTV of 77%, the user can borrow up to 0.77 worth of ETH in the principal currency for every 1 ETH worth of collateral.

*Note: When choosing a borrowing amount, please also consider the variable interest rate on the position. Additionally, depending on the LTV amount you choose, there is an associated health factor to help clarify liquidation risk. Your health factor and LTV determine the assurance of your collateral.

You’ll now see a ‘Your borrows’ section to show your borrowed amount.

That’s it! You are now collecting OG Points! You can track your available rewards directly on the dashboard.

And it doesn’t just stop at borrowing! If you’d prefer to take your supplied assets (cbETH, ETH, or USDbC) and stake them, you can earn OG points by clicking the Staking Farms tab. Learn more about how to get started with Staking Farms here in this post.


What is Seamless?

Seamless Protocol is a next-generation DeFi platform with decentralized liquidity markets. The protocol is composable with multiple different strategies, and decentralized governance controls community-created pools.

The Seamless community aims to innovate on the Integrated Liquidity Markets concept, where smart contracts borrow from smart contracts (Integrated Borrowing Strategies borrow liquidity from Integrated Liquidity Suppliers), unlocking undercollateralized yet transparent lending.

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow up to 77% of your collateral value (LTV). For example, a user can borrow up to 0.77 worth of ETH in the principal currency for every 1 ETH worth of collateral.

Which assets can I borrow?

You can borrow cbETH, USDbC, or ETH regardless of the posted collateral assets. Seamless Protocol will be adding more assets to supply and borrow over time.

Is there a risk of liquidation when borrowing?

Yes. If your Loan to Value (LTV) at any point exceeds 77% (maximum ratio), you are at risk of liquidation. This could happen if your underlying collateral asset (namely ETH) drops in value causing your borrowed amount to be higher than 77% of your collateral value.

Please choose an LTV ratio and associated health factor that you are comfortable with before making any borrows. In the event of a liquidation on your collateral, you are still responsible for paying the variable interest associated with your loan.

What are OG Points?

OG Points are onchain utility points, more information can be found in the blog post here.

Stay updated with Seamless by joining Seamless’ Telegram and Discord and following Seamless’ Twitter.

*Please note: OG Points are on-chain, non-transferable utility points that represent participation in the Seamless ecosystem only. They have no monetary value, cannot be traded or transferred among holders, and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other type of monetary value. With respect to the OG Points APY language in the DApp, APY refers solely to the annualized rate of earning OG Points for your participation in the Seamless ecosystem. No other rewards are offered hereby.

Seamless Protocol is the first decentralized, native lending and borrowing protocol on Base. Seamless lays the foundation for the next generation of DeFi, focusing on lower-collateral borrowing and a better user experience to inspire the masses.

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