OG Points: A New Frontier in Reputation and Utility

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4 min readSep 8, 2023

Key Takeaways/Summary:

  • OG Points are onchain, non-transferable utility points that represent ecosystem participation and may unlock additional benefits, from NFTs to special membership rewards.
  • OG Points are bound to wallets, potentially serving as useful proof of loyalty and ecosystem participation in the future.

Introducing OG Points

Seamless Protocol launches with the introduction of collectible “OG Points.” But what exactly are these, and how do they fit into the Seamless ecosystem?

Non-Transferrable Onchain Tokens

OG Points are non-transferrable tokens on the Base network. Unlike traditional tokens, these utility points have no monetary value, cannot be traded among holders or exchanged for monetary value. They are designed to serve a unique purpose within the wider ecosystem — as a measure of a user’s ecosystem participation.

The Essence of OG-ness and Community Activity

Think of OG Points as digital representations of OG-ness — a testament to your commitment, early adoption, and active participation or contributions within the Seamless community. They are a measure of a community member’s dedication and support for key activities within the network.

More Than Just Reputation Points → Utility Points

OG Points are not just reputation points; they are SBTs (Soul-Bound Tokens). This makes them versatile and able to be used for many reasons both near-term to long-term.

Also, one notable characteristic of OG Points is their permanence. They will remain onchain and non-tradeable, cementing their value as a badge of honor, bragging rights and a testament to your commitment to those in the Seamless community or even the wider Base ecosystem and more.

You’ll find OG Points embedded around app.seamlessprotocol.com

Immediate and Future Utility

OG Points offer special functionalities and rewards from the get-go and into the future:

  • Limited Edition NFTs: Corresponding to different tiers of reputation and membership, giving OG Points holders an exclusive avenue to showcase their status.
  • Partnerships + Free Trials: Collaborations with partners that may open doors to unique offerings, such as freemium versions of Proof-of-Person SBTs or subscription services. OG Points can be your ticket to these exciting opportunities. Additionally, expect to leverage OG Points for free trials of research newsletters and more.
  • Bragging Rights + Signaling: Ultimately, they serve as your badge of honor, a symbol of your journey within the community. Third-parties can leverage this information for on-chain activities as they like.

Unlocking a World of Possibilities

OG Points are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of decentralized communities. Here’s a glimpse of other potential applications:

  • Access Control: OG Points could be employed to gate access to specific events or features of a protocol. They might serve as a referral system, enabling you to invite others, granting them access to these utilities.
  • Onchain Activities: In the world of blockchain, actions speak louder when they come with a reputation. OG Points can be used as parameters for onchain activities, allowing certain community actions to carry more weight based on reputation or to be taken into consideration by third-party protocols or projects..


In the world of Seamless Protocol and beyond, OG Points are your key to recognition, access, and exclusive opportunities. They encapsulate your commitment, particpation and loyalty, paving the way for a new era of community engagement and utility.

Stay tuned as the OG Points ecosystem unfolds, offering a myriad of exciting possibilities for pioneers like you.

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*Please note: OG Points are on-chain, non-transferable utility points that represent participation in the Seamless ecosystem only. They have no monetary value, cannot be traded or transferred among holders, and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other type of monetary value. With respect to the OG Points APY language in the DApp, APY refers solely to the annualized rate of earning OG Points for your participation in the Seamless ecosystem. No other rewards are offered hereby.

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