Recognizing Coinbase’s Impact on Seamless

Coinbase receives SEAM in recognition of their ongoing support of Seamless Protocol

Seamless Protocol
3 min readApr 5, 2024


A Home Base for Everyone

At Seamless, there’s a deep conviction that Base isn’t just a blockchain — it represents inclusivity and innovation for builders and users alike. The Seamless community, as a collective, hopes to continue establishing itself as a leader of onchain innovations (for the masses) and a model for future Base-native projects to look to. To inspire more of these builders on Base, the Seamless community established the Seamless Community Grants Program (SCGP), which provides support for Base builders, creators, and ecosystem supporters. The SCGP is a grassroots initiative that complements the activities of Coinbase Ventures and the Base Ecosystem Fund, unified in the shared mission to empower projects building on Base. Base’s promise of accessibility and scalability align with the SCGP’s vision of democratizing access to the onchain economy. Coinbase, as the creator of the Base network, contributes its expertise, support, and reach, making Base the clear choice for transitioning to the future onchain economy.

Coinbase’s Catalyst Role in Driving Adoption

Coinbase has been a catalyst and accelerant in shaping the journey of Seamless and Base. With a reputation for user-friendly crypto solutions, Coinbase naturally uplifts Seamless with its mission to bring a billion users to the onchain economy. Building in parallel with Coinbase’s mission has brought the opportunity for seamless integrations and innovative implementations (i.e. the smart wallet), propelling Seamless to become a top Base-native protocol used by almost 50,000 unique wallets in less than 6 months. Strengthening collaborations and partnerships with Coinbase offers endless possibilities, most notably the potential for over 100 million new users to embrace the onchain economy via future product developments and integrations.

Recognizing Coinbase’s Contribution

In acknowledgment of Coinbase’s continued contributions, both direct and indirect, to Base and Seamless, the SCGP has awarded Coinbase with a retroactive grant. This grant conveys appreciation of Coinbase’s ongoing role, empowering it to use SEAM to engage directly in the Seamless ecosystem, whether through Seamless Protocol governance, contributing additional products and integrations to help bridge the masses, or more. This initiative underscores the alignment between Coinbase, Base and Seamless Protocol, in both long-term missions and values, ensuring a seamless onchain experience for all.

SCGP Application:

Coinbase’s Onchain Wallet: 0xa2009325aa7F1400dcc6E3AbF311AFa76323eF8B

Transaction Confirmation:

Together, Seamless and Coinbase are pioneering a more inclusive onchain economy. With Base as the foundation and Coinbase as a contributor, Seamless is poised to modernize the onchain experience for everyone.

Seamless Protocol is the first decentralized, native lending and borrowing protocol on Base. Seamless lays the foundation for Modern DeFi, focusing on lower-collateral borrowing and a better user experience to inspire the masses.

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